Just a few days of being at home, and my children requested I fill up the water tray in the garden.

Normally at this time of year, I would try to suggest another activity. However, with the sun shining and all this upheaval I gave in.

This was their first activity of the day. We kept to our daily routine by bringing our snack outside.

I of course needed the activity to have some substance, so once I filled the water tray with warm water, and wrapped up both children in coats and waterproofs, I found a variety of items they could do experiments with.

This included:

  • Stones

  • Boat

  • Cups

  • Paint brushes

I love a science experiment, especially when it’s to do with learning about the world around us.

So I asked both children to predict what would happen to each item when placed in the water? Will it float? Will it sink? Did they feel different when they were wet?

We then tested their theories which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

My daughter went on to fill cups and pour water, watching the cog spins each time.

Maths is always a fun element to incorporate, so I asked my daughter whether the cup she was using was full or empty. I then challenged the children to arrange the items by weight.

When they’d finished, I handed them a paint brush each, and they began to draw on the paving and fence with water.

My son drew a variety of shapes, and my daughter made lots of different marks. Then he predicted how long it would take for the sun to dry the picture.

This activity really helped them develop their motor skills, allowed them to be creative and lead to thought provoking conversations.

After seeing the weather forecast for next week, I created this under the sea activity, to bring the water theme indoors. Check it out!

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