After my previous laundry clothes dryer gave up on me, I went on a mission to find a replacement.

As usual, I did intensive research and narrowed the selection down. With only five making the cut, I eventually opted for the Tifone Vario Tower Clothes Dryer, and I’m so happy I did!

Here’s what I was looking for:

  • Compact and easy to store.

  • Little floor space taken when in use.

  • Fit at least two full loads of washing.

  • For small homes with little space.


Lots of hanging space

  • As a family of four, our washing piles up quickly. There’s nothing worse than having a load of washing you can’t do because of a lack of hanging space.

  • Well there is, but when it comes to laundry, it’s up there with mountains of clothes that need ironing.

Thankfully, this clothes dryer has six racks and two hooks to hang your clothes on, which is a total of 48 lines!

I’ve even managed to fit four full loads of washing on it (two adults and two children), with my clever clothes hanging system.

It’s compact

  • If you only need to do one load, this dryer allows you to use just one side to hang your clothes. Just pull out the foot on the side you’re hanging your clothes on to keep it steady.

  • Plus even when fully open, it takes up less space than others on the market.

Easy to store

  • It’s easy to close and store it away, because it’s flat and slim.

  • You can place it up against the wall, behind the sofa or even under the bed.


  • It’s light and easy to manoeuvre when closed. I’ve even brought it back indoors, fully open on both sides, when the rain threatened to re-wash my clothes!


So far I haven’t had any problems with this laundry dryer and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be without it.


If you’re short on space like us, you'll agree The Tifone Vario Tower Clothes Dryer, by Symple Stuff is a great asset to have.

It’s compact, easy to store away, and doesn’t take up nearly as much space when in use as some others I’ve seen on the market. Click here to be taken to the purchase page.

I love space saving, compact home solutions. It really can make a difference in your quality of living. Do you have any space saving solutions to share?

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Disclaimer: This was not gifted, nor do I have any affiliate links with the company. All opinions are my own.

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