The Coronavirus seems to be all the world is talking about at the moment. Many of us will have loved ones with underlying health condition or family members over 70. With this lockdown in place it’s certainly worrying times.

During this uncertainty, being organised and having a daily routine has helped my children feel safe and secure.

We loosely follow our weekend routine, adding homework to the mix, to ensure they do not fall behind with their school work.

We use it every day of the week, minus the homework on the weekends. We do this as we’ve found that the children naturally fall into the pattern and like the security of knowing what’s coming next. Here it is:

We have our daily routine written on our chalk board, along with 60 activities listed in a variety of colours for them to choose from. Here’s our under the sea activity, check it out.

Why let my children choose the activities? I strongly believe in child-led learning. Educational theory states children that follow their interests will be more open to learning. This is why I allow my children to choose the activities they wish to do.

That's not to say we don't do adult-led activities too. We just try to allow freedom of play, and easy access to resources for child-led activities.

For homework, I still offer my children options.

Which task do they want to complete? Do they want to use videos or books to research that particular topic. What section shall we write first?

This technique helps get my children on board as they feel they have a say.

For putting in the effort and persevering through tricky tasks, my children will occasionally get a high five or round of applause.

It's important that praise is used carefully, and mainly for effort, as you want your children to learn how wonderful it feels to accomplish a goal without an extrinsic motivator.

Do you have a daily routine?

If not, it’s certainly worth creating your own family routine to help all your family members know what’s next on the agenda, creating a safe predictable environment for all.

Please share with your friends if you found this post helpful, and stay safe!

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