Covid-19 is a virus related to the flu. However, this new strain affects people differently.

As you would have heard from the news, your teachers and family members; washing our hands is very important and will help keep you and your family safe and healthy.

So how do you wash your hands properly?

Hull University Teaching Hospital has the following illustration that shows a step by step guide. To check out the website, click here.

I am currently teaching my children about good hand washing and the reason we use soap and water.

To show my children the importance of using water and soap, I gave my son a task.

An experiment to be exact. He needed a bowl of water, pepper and dish soap. Here’s the video of what happened.

It most certainly made an impression on both of my children. Next we discussed when we should wash our hands.

These included, but aren't limited to:

  • After using the toilet

  • After blowing your nose

  • After sneezing

  • After coughing

  • After touching animals (including your pets)

  • When you return home

  • After playing in the garden

  • Before handling food

  • After handling food

  • Before eating

  • After eating

A fun way of teaching your child how to wash their hands thoroughly is the glitter 'germs' hands activity.

Cover your child’s hand in glitter. Then have them wash their hands with just water. Assess their hands and where the glitter has stayed.

Then get them to wash their hands again using water and soap. for at least 20 seconds. They can sing happy birthday twice at a normal pace, or you can make up your own hand washing song! Then have them assess their hands once again.

This shows children the importance of washing our hands thoroughly in a way that they can understand.

I hope you found this information helpful. For more fun activities, click here.

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