I love Christmas, despite being adverse to the cold!

Wrapping up warm, strolling through beautifully lit up towns that smell of cinnamon rolls, fir trees and coffee, and having a peek at the wonderful things the shops have to offer.

As magical as Christmas is, I often feel anxious and stressed.

That’s why last year I shared 5 helpful tips to reduce stress during the Christmas period. If you haven’t already, check it out.

Building on from that post, I’ve decided share how I’m tackling Christmas gift shopping this year.

Yep, I’ve already started. We buy Christmas gifts for 50 people each year! So I need to be on top of it to reduce the pressure mentally, and financially.

So here's a new Active Mama Christmas gift buying method:

The prep is the same as I mentioned here; working out a budget, making my lists, and using unused gift cards to help with the costs.

So what’s different?

For every birthday gift I purchase, I buy an accompanying Christmas gift.

I write the gifts I’ve purchased in my note book, with the purchase price beside the person’s name.

I then wrap both gifts and store the Christmas gifts under my bed for safe keeping.

Remember to be mindful of your budget, as it can be easy to steer toward more expensive gifts. I bought a £45 gift for a friend’s son, and realised that although that month it wasn’t a big stretch, other months it would be.

This would mean other children wouldn’t receive a gift in the same price range: which wouldn’t be fair. So I reassessed my budget, and have been making a conscious effort to stick to it. So far I have bought 11 Christmas gifts!

Spring and autumn are our busiest birthday seasons. Using this method has greatly reduced my anxiety, even the busier months are easier to manage.

Plus, if I feel too financially stretched one month, I can add the Christmas gift to the following months purchases, knowing it will still be bought.

So far, it has helped me feel more in control of my money, and I’ve purchased one fifth of my Christmas gifts already!

Why not give it a try?

Please share this post if you found it helpful.

Plus, don’t forget to let me know if this method worked for you!