Have you ever had a chaotic day at work, followed by a rush to collect your child from school, then dashed to the dentist just in time for your appointment? Then the moment you leave the dental surgery, your little one complains they're too tired to walk home and demand you feed them.

Well that was my day yesterday.

So what did I do? No I didn’t cry, although I was pretty close. I cut up some fruit as a sharing platter for my children to eat and made my favourite go to recipe, created by @melizcooks on Instagram.

This one is an easy and scrumptiously mouth-watering recipe by @melizcook. I shared it on my Instagram the other day, but feel it is worth another mention as this meal is a winner with all my family. Check out the recipe here.

There's no need to stand over the stove stirring while your children fight over a Lego car they’d made last week, despite another three cars being right beside them (or is it just my kids?)

Instead, it gives you time to chat to you children about their day, their worries, their hopes and their plans for the week. Plus you'll get a chance for a much deserved cuppa!

For more @melizcooks recipes check out her blog and Instagram account.

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