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I buy my son’s uniform as early as the shops stock them. That way I don’t have it niggling away at me during the holidays.

Each school has their own policies for uniforms. It's best to check with your child’s school before purchasing any items. Generally, children will require:


  • Polo shirts

  • Jumpers

  • Trousers/Skirts

  • Socks

  • Shoes

  • Coat

  • Wellington boots

  • Hats

  • Scarf

  • Gloves

  • Sun cream

  • Swimming kit


  • Gym bag

  • T-shirt

  • Jumper

  • Tracksuit bottoms

  • Shorts

  • Trainers

  • Plimsolls

Some schools may also require:

  • Tie

  • Fleece

  • Blazer

  • Dress

  • Don’t forget:

  • Book bag

  • Lunch box

  • Water bottle

  • Pencil case (with stationery)

  • Music instrument/bag

Remember to name all of your child’s items using sticky labels (or marker pen), including their clothes, scarf, gloves, sun cream, lunch box and water bottle.


Back to school tips

Packing your children’s bags the night before can save you time, plus it greatly reduces stress.

Before I started night packing, my mornings were hectic, chaotic and stressful.

I’d make breakfast, and lunches, then hunt around for my son’s PE kits, only to find I hadn’t washed his PE top. So another search would begin to find a clean white top, normally found in the pile of clean laundry waiting to be ironed.

Then to top it off, my son would announce his class is visiting the library to return their library books. So once again, a treasure hunt ensues.

To say packing bags, and sorting out lunches in advance has helped, is an understatement.

Don’t get me wrong, my children will always through a spanner in the works, but one spanner, as opposed to five, feels like a breeze.

  • PE kit

  • Book bag

  • Water bottle

  • Library books

  • Packed lunch (leave cold items together in the fridge ready to be placed in the lunch box)

  • Slips to be returned to the teacher

  • Money for their next outing/charity event.

Then simply leave their bags on a hook by the door, so your children know where to find them, and grab them as you leave.


Organise your outfits

Organising our clothes the night before (or when we’re super organised, the week before), saves me loads of time.

I do this by:

  • Checking the weather forecast for the week ahead

  • Keep shoes in a shoe cupboard by the front door.

  • Select outfits that are appropriate for the day ahead.

If it’s a day I’m working at the nursery, I make sure to choose comfortable clothing that allows good movement.

Plus I ensure I include a cardigan for when the children decide they want to venture outdoors.

If rain is forecast, ensure to hang your raincoats on the coat rack ready to head out the door.

For your children, you can simply hang their uniforms on a hook, or on their wardrobe handles.

This way they know what they are wearing for the day, and can dress themselves.

I’ve taught my son to remove, and polish his shoes when we get home from school. Then he places them in the shoe cupboard ready for the next day.


Children's routine

When everyone in the family knows what’s expected of them, things run more smoothly. Well most of the time!

A routine can include the task, a time, and an image beside it for children who can’t read yet. Here’s an example of our morning routine:

7.00 Wake up
7.05 Get dressed
7.10 Toilet
7.20 Eat breakfast
8.00 Brush teeth
8.05 Put on shoes and coat
8.15 Grab bags and leave for school

We have a picture beside each task which the children can tick off when the task is complete.

The times are useful for you to keep track, and help your children have an idea of which task needs to be completed next.

I hope these tried, and tested hacks, help get your school year off to a great start.

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