With schools closing, home schooling your children may feel like a daunting prospect.

I created a daily routine that helps my children know what to expect; offering them a sense of consistency and security, check it out.

As for activities, we have 60 written on your chalk board.

We are using a child-led method which allows them the opportunity to choose the activities they wish to carry out during the day.

The children are also offered options for how they wish to complete their homework. This helps improve their engagement and lets them feel valued.

Here’s a list of the activities, with a few bonus ones just for good measure.

  1. Read

  2. Hide and seek

  3. Paint

  4. Bake

  5. Spell

  6. Lego

  7. Bug club

  8. Create a comic

  9. Make jelly

  10. Scratch fun

  11. Sew

  12. Learn about countries

  13. Build a tower

  14. Cutting and sticking

  15. Listen to a story

  16. Mathletics

  17. Cook a meal

  18. Puzzles

  19. Maths

  20. Marble run

  21. Ice play

  22. Write letter

  23. Make a bookmark

  24. Geometrics

  25. Trains

  26. Science experiment

  27. Dance

  28. Activity sheets

  29. Write a story

  30. Play Doh

  31. Draw

  32. Build a den

  33. Write a journal

  34. Watch a film

  35. Grid instruction

  36. Gloop

  37. Tetris

  38. Snap

  39. I spy

  40. Pegs

  41. Bingo

  42. Hop scotch

  43. Water the plants

  44. Simon says

  45. Planets

  46. Dinosaurs

  47. Role play

  48. Shopping list

  49. Nursery rhymes

  50. Water play

  51. Cars

  52. Robots

  53. Walk

  54. Shop keeper

  55. Garden (daily)

  56. Piano

  57. Tweezers/tongs play

  58. Elastic bands

  59. English

  60. Alphabet

  1. Yoga

  2. Buckaroo

  3. Obstacle race

  4. Learn a new language

  5. Ice painting

  6. Learn about flags

  7. Camp in the garden

  8. Colouring in

  9. Shadow play

  10. Hairdressers

I hope these activities give you some inspiration and keep things ticking over until lockdown is over.

If you found these useful, please share.

Remember to stay safe!

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