With autumn here there seems to be a lot my rainy days ahead.

Is there anything better than being snuggled up in your most comfy clothes, listening to the rain as you play familiar childhood games with your family? Nope!

Classic games in particular are great for helping children develop their communication and language, critical thinking, and personal, social and emotional skills (turn taking, sharing, losing and winning).

So I’ve devised a list of my favourite classic rainy day games for you to enjoy with your family.

  1. Cards

  2. Monopoly

  3. Backgammon

  4. Pictionary

  5. Trivial Pursuit

  6. Connect Four

  7. Cluedo

  8. Guess Who?

  9. Dominos

  10. Uno

  11. Charades

  12. Mouse Trap

  13. Snakes and Ladders

  14. Operation

  15. Chess

  16. Twister

  17. Scrabble

  18. Hungry Hippos

  19. Jenga

  20. Marbles

Can you tell I’m an 80’s kid?

I love knowing my children will enjoy the same games I did growing up, and although we play newer games too, there is something about playing the classics that makes me feel like a kid again.

If you’ve enjoyed this post please share and let me know what your favourite rainy day games are. I’d love to hear from you!